DACA Status and Renewal

On July 16, 2021, Texas federal court Judge Hanen decided that DACA is not a lawful program, but people can still renew their DACA. No new applications will be granted for now. This may change. 

What if you have DACA now?

If you currently have DACA, your status is still valid. You can also apply to renew. 

What if you had a first-time application pending?
If your first-time DACA application was pending at USCIS when the judge decided the case in July 2021, then your case is not being processed.  

What can we do now?
Urge Congress to pass permanent immigration programs for people with DACA, without DACA, TPS holders, essential workers and our family members.

If you’re a DACA recipient, know that you are valid regardless of what the courts say. Check in on your DACA friends today.

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