DACA Update! Federal Judge Blocks First-Time DACA Applicants

On July 16, 2021, Texas federal court Judge Hanen published his opinion on the DACA case, which challenged the legality of the DACA program.* Judge Hanen’s opinion is that DACA is not a lawful program, but for now will allow those with DACA to continue to renew. No new applications will be granted at this time.

*This was something the Supreme court did not rule on back in June 2020

What does this mean if you currently have DACA?
If you currently have DACA, your status is still valid. Renewals will continue to be accepted for now.

What does this mean if you have an application in the middle of processing a first-time application?
If you have a first-time initial application at USCIS, Judge Hanen ruled that USCIS can no longer grant DACA to new applicants. If your application was pending at USCIS and NOT granted yet, then your case will no longer be considered for processing.

What can we do now?
It’s important that Congress pass permanent solutions for people with DACA, without DACA, TPS holders, essential workers and our family members.

If you’re a DACA recipient, know that you are valid regardless of what the courts say. Check in on your DACA friends today.

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