DACA Status and Renewal

On September 13, 2023, a federal court judge ruled that DACA is unlawful. This case is likely to be reviewed by a higher court in 2024. If you already have DACA, you can still renew. But, the USCIS (government) still cannot approve DACA for people who never had it before (or whose DACA expired more than a year ago). This may change.

What if I have DACA now?

If you have DACA now, your status is still good. You can work and apply to travel ("advance parole"). You can also apply to renew. Don’t fall out of status. It is recommended you renew four to five months before the expiration date (120 to 150 days).  

What if I applied to DACA for the first time and I'm still waiting to get it?

Your case is stopped if:

  • It was pending at USCIS when the court stopped new DACA cases, or
  • You applied after the court stopped new DACA cases. 

What can I do now ?
Urge Congress to pass permanent solutions for people with DACA, without DACA, TPS holders, essential workers and our family members. Sign United We Dream’s petition

For more information on DACA rules, benefits, renewals, and travel, click here to go to the USCIS website.